Catherine saved me from a woman who was out to destroy my life. The charge was stalking and my prior attorney had left me feeling light in the wallet and resigned to defeat. But given the penalties and stigma of a conviction, I knew I had to do better. I took to Avvo, where Catherine provided by far the most thoughtful and relevant answers to my questions and some useful insights of her own. It was clear she’d successfully defended many in my situation. More importantly, she understood my psychology and frustration. There is a genuine compassion about her.

In reviewing the charge against me Catherine quickly identified weaknesses and defenses that never would have occurred to me-including instances in which the accuser appeared to be the aggressor. In court Catherine forced the accuser to admit time and again that my alleged conduct did not violate Utah’s stalking laws. Catherine had a laser focus and fast, forceful responses. It was encouraging to watch the prosecutor grow smaller and smaller in his chair as the hearing progressed.

Catherine’s rates are absolutely affordable and her flat-fee arrangement encourages you to be in constant communication with her. You don’t have to worry about “running up the bill” with trivial matters-nor should you, as your case may well turn on what seems at first glance a minor detail. In Catherine you get an advocate who brings the experience of both defense attorney and judge. Not only does Catherine know the law, but she knows how the local legal system actually works. Do appreciate this advantage!

Catherine provided an excellent service both to me and to the community at large, in that she protected a good and necessary law from being cheapened and abused by a vengeful accuser. I would absolutely recommend Catherine to anyone in need of criminal defense. If you find yourself charged with a crime, your first call should be to Catherine Cleveland.

Catherine is by far the best lawyer! She took me under her wing and reassured me that she was going to take care of me with my legal battle. This was my first legal encounter and I was very scared and anxious because the officer I had dealt with was trying to use that tricky cop lingo to try and back me into a corner so I would incriminate myself but Catherine dealt with all of that. I had spent hours a day and multiple days searching, interviewing and meeting with potential other lawyers who made me feel like they cared more about the money than what I had to say. Catherine took her time, did extensive research and got me the best deal known! We all were excited when she told me what plea the D.A. offered after she talked him down? Catherine is very professional, kind hearted yet aggressive when need be. She truly is amazing.

Great Lawyer! From the beginning of my case up until now, she has been there for me every step of the way. She has always been able to answer all of my questions and put my nerves at ease through this very stressful time for me and my family. She is dedicated to her job and her clients. I would recommend her to anyone at anytime. Thank you, Catherine!

Great Attorney, she and her legal team fought for me and helped me get a first degree felony reduced to a misdemeanor. My friend had a rape charge dismissed. I would highly recommend her.

To select Catherine Cleveland to defend you in our criminal case is a very good choice. She does her homework and defends her clients aggressively. She keeps the client informed and is able to negotiate effectively with the Prosecutor. The fees are reasonable and she is willing to work with you on payment plans if needed.

From our very first phone call to Ms. Cleveland, she embraced our problem and provided excellent council. She made herself readily available to us and even answered phone calls beyond normal business hours. If you want someone in your corner that believes in you and can get the job done–this is the right attorney for you! Thank you Ms. Cleveland, thank you very much!!

I was well served by Catherine Cleveland’s firm. Everyone was prompt, efficient, courteous, and reasonably-priced. I highly recommend their office.

From our very first phone call, Ms. Cleveland embraced our concerns and gave excellent council. She made herself available whenever we needed her and she answered phone calls at all hours. She walked us through every step of the procedure so we understood what was happening and we were always informed. Ms. Cleveland is a fighter and gets the job done! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! —FreedomRings