My name is Catherine Cleveland and I am a Salt Lake City criminal defense attorney, a former judge and a mother of two. Practicing criminal law is more than just a job, it is my passion. It has always been part of my DNA to help others who lack the voice or resources to defend themselves. For more than half my life, I have dedicated myself to helping those accused of committing crimes overcome their charges and get their lives back on track.

Over the years, I have successfully represented many clients who have had their rights violated by the police and law enforcement officials. I know about the pain, humiliation and fear that comes with facing criminal charges. That is why I utilize an aggressive, comprehensive and compassionate approach to ensure each client receives the highest level of legal representation and counsel. As a Salt Lake City criminal defense attorney my primary focus is to protect the rights of each client and to look out for their best interests. I have successfully represented people of all ages and walks of life.

Catherine Cleveland

Catherine Cleveland

Attorney Catherine R. Cleveland, located in Salt Lake City, Utah has been practicing law for over 15 years. She provides criminal defense for crimes such as shoplifting, burglary, theft, DUI and ancillary matters such as Department of Motor Vehicle’s proceedings, and asset forfeitures in state court.

Services include: Consultation, pre-filing matters, pre-trial, and post-trial proceedings like appeals in Utah State Courts and Federal Courts.

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As a mother of two, I have a strong interest in protecting children, especially in cases of juvenile and sex crimes. When a person is accused or charged with a crime, they often face an awful stigma that can remain for the remainder of their lives. My goal is to make sure each client receives fair treatment and the proper respect they deserve. As a former judge, I also have the unique perspective of overseeing cases from both sides of the gavel. I’ve used that experience to always maintain a strong sense of fairness.

Many people are quick to judge those accused of crimes. But the fact is Utah’s prisons and jails are filled with countless innocent people who never received proper legal representation. For over 15 years, it has been my privilege to help protect the rights of my clients and to help them realize a bright future. With the help of a dedicated support staff, I am proud of our record of providing the highest level of Salt Lake City criminal defense to ensure our clients the best possible results.

From the moment I take on a new client, I will be their corner every step of the way.
I handle a broad spectrum of matters in Utah State and Federal Courts, including pre-trial negotiations with prosecutors, post-trial proceedings, and appeals. While I am often able to have charges reduced or dismissed during plea negotiations with prosecutors, I am also ready to take matters to trial to protect my clients’ records, rights and freedoms. Services include: Consultation, pre-filing matters, pre-trial, and post-trial proceedings including appeals in Utah State Courts and Federal Courts.