Ponzi Schemes

Ponzi Scheme Charges Can Ruin Your Career

Fraud crimes are prominent in Utah, a state that is considered a leader in these serious white collar crime charges. For over 15 years, I have provided dedicated and aggressive representation for my clients facing bleak futures that included lengthy prison sentences and hefty fines.

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Ponzi Scheme Defense Lawyer In Utah

Ponzi scheme is a common term for illegal pyramid schemes. Charles Ponzi became infamous for duping thousands of New England residents, promising significant returns in a short amount of time. Long after his arrest and conviction, the “Rob Peter to pay Paul” approach continues.

A public accusation of a Ponzi scheme can end the career of an up-and-coming entrepreneur. The best of intentions could lead to significant financial losses for investors. Many clients come to me unaware that they were involved in fraudulent transactions or a white collar crime. Some relied on bad advice from friends that ended up putting them in criminal situations. As an experienced Salt Lake City ponzi scheme defense lawyer, I have seen just about every scenario. Since not every case is the same, it is important to choose an attorney that can prepare an effective defense.

Questionable financial and investment practices are put under the microscope in Utah, resulting in overly aggressive investigations and prosecutions. At the Cleveland Law Firm, I take an equally diligent approach on behalf of my clients. Many cases involve so-called “victims” who lost their life savings. Those emotional elements are played up by the prosecution. My job is to counter those personal feelings and emotions with cold hard facts.

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