Mail And Wire Fraud

When facing mail and wire fraud charges, it is critical to work with an experienced attorney who can defend you effectively. My name is Catherine Cleveland, and I use my more than 15 years of experience to represent people in the Salt Lake City area and throughout Utah who face communication fraud charges. Over the years as a communications fraud lawyer, I have successfully represented countless clients accused of various mail and wire fraud charges.

If you have been charged with mail fraud or a related crime, you face two challenges. The first is the criminal aspect and the one most people commonly think about. There is a great deal to worry about, if convicted, the accused could be facing time in prison. There is also a second challenge to consider, which should not be forgotten. If convicted, the accused could also face a civil lawsuit for restitution. In a civil case, if the judge convicts them, they could be held responsible for paying back the money they allegedly took through mail and wire fraud. Contact me to learn more about these white collar crime charges.

The Consequences Of Mail And Wire Fraud Convictions

A conviction for felony mail and wire fraud can mean several years in prison, as well as heavy fines and payment of restitution. Additionally, a criminal record with fraud charges can be career ending — especially when you have devoted your professional life to working in the business and financial world. The record could prevent you from working in the field again. You are essentially blacklisted by the industry because of your charges and convictions.

I have earned a reputation throughout Utah for providing effective criminal defense representation that helps my clients achieve the best possible results. I utilize an aggressive and comprehensive approach to protect the rights of clients and to look out for their best interests. When I take your case, I will do my best to obtain favorable results for you too.

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