In our complex world of business transactions, success depends on making more money quickly and efficiently. With so much money changing hands so quickly, it has become increasingly common for people to be charged with embezzlement or misappropriation of funds.

These cases are often high profile, and the people charged often find that their reputations and careers are ruined — even if they are never convicted. Embezzlement charges often put your reputation on the line and it is best to address them early by creating a comprehensive strategy for success. Fight charges from the minute you first think an investigation is likely. By acting quickly, you give your lawyer a head start so that she has a chance to mitigate potential damages.

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At my law firm, I often represent people whose lives are turned upside down by embezzlement charges. My clients never intended to act illegally and were shocked when they found themselves facing white collar crime allegations.

If you have been charged, realize that the experience can be life changing — but it does not have to be career ending. Working with an experienced Salt Lake City embezzlement attorney can help ease some of this worry by producing positive legal results.
An example of a favorable result is when one my clients was facing an embezzlement charge, we developed a criminal defense strategy to help protect her rights and her freedom. Part of our plan involved her paying restitution to those she had allegedly harmed. The judge took her actions into account and sentenced her to only 10 days instead of one year of incarceration.

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