White Collar Crimes

While white collar crimes do not normally involve violence, the consequences of a conviction can be extremely severe. Clients have far too much at stake when facing serious criminal charges. Careers are on the line. Personal and professional reputations could be forever damaged. Relationships with family members are severely impacted. All from a white collar crime charge.

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Experienced Salt Lake City White Collar Crime Attorney

At Catherine Cleveland, P.C., I have been representing Salt Lake City area residents for over 15 years. For them, I have obtained favorable outcomes, resulting in a track record of achievements and a base of satisfied clients. To me, your case matters, and I will fight to protect your rights throughout the entire course of your white collar criminal case.

As an experienced Salt Lake City white collar crime lawyer, I represent people accused of a wide range of white collar crimes in both Utah State and Federal Courts, including misdemeanors and felonies:


Ponzi Schemes

Securities Fraud

Civil Forfeiture

Insurance Fraud

Criminal Forfeiture

Mail and Wire Fraud

Identity Theft

In addition, I assist people who have had assets seized in criminal and civil forfeiture matters.

Whether you were aware that your actions resulted in a white collar crime or not, you may still be arrested. Even if you believed that your actions were correct and within the law, you could still be charged. It is important to know your rights and discuss your options with a skilled attorney.

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