Weapons Violations/Gun Charges

Gun charges are serious matters. If convicted of a weapons offense, people often face incarceration and other serious penalties.

The penalties associated with them can increase if the charges are associated with domestic violence or drug crimes. Whether you are accused of threatening your spouse with a rifle, being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm, or carrying a concealed, illegal gun, the charges you face are serious.

Charged with a weapon violation? Contact a Salt Lake City gun charge attorney as soon as possible to protect your rights and your freedom. I offer a free consultation to discuss your defense options.

Gun Charges And Additional Weapons Crimes

I am Salt Lake City gun charge Catherine Cleveland. I am a former judge who represents people facing a wide range of gun charges and violent crime charges in Utah state and federal Courts:

Domestic assault is an enhanceable offense. Every conviction brings steeper consequences. If convicted, you will no longer be able to carry a firearm. To help my clients preserve their right to carry firearms for hunting, I often try to negotiate charges down to lesser offenses like simple assault.

Utah law takes gang crimes seriously. If a gun charge is alleged to be tied to gang activity, the charges are often enhanced and get attention from a special prosecutor. As an experienced attorney, I have the knowledge and skill necessary to handle these complicated cases and can protect your rights and your freedom.

However, it is critical to contact me as soon as possible. Contacting an experienced Salt Lake City gun charge lawyer as soon as you think you might be the target of an investigation gives your attorney time to act. It makes sure that your rights are protected from day one, so that you are never subject to an illegal interrogation or a search and seizure without a valid warrant.

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