Sexual Assault

The consequences of a sexual assault conviction are severe and may last a lifetime. I established my Salt Lake City law firm to provide aggressive representation to clients facing serious criminal charges. They are fearful and uncertain of the future and need an advocate to even the odds they face.

At the Cleveland Law Firm, I understand what my clients are experiencing. Any sex-related criminal charge becomes high-profile fodder for the media. Newspaper articles and television spread the story. Reputations are impacted immediately after an arrest. The court of public opinion is quick to render a guilty verdict before any trial starts.

Because they are violent crimes, sex assault cases are rife with emotion, requiring me to sidestep the personal issues and get to the facts. That involves a thorough, detail-oriented investigation and review of the evidence against you, and the statements from the victim and any witnesses. Building a strong defense with the help of a seasoned attorney and former judge is paramount when futures are at stake.

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We’ll Discuss Sex Offender Registration

In addition to handling all aspects of the criminal matters of a sexual assault case, I also represent clients facing sex offender registration. For many, it is a defacto “life sentence” that requires ongoing notification no matter where they live.

Protect your reputation if you have been wrongfully charged with sexual assault. Protect your rights with the help of a knowledgeable and dedicated criminal defense attorney.

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My exclusive focus as a Salt Lake City criminal defense lawyer has helped me perfect successful legal strategies that are proven to be effective in Utah Courts. Throughout the years, I have achieved a history of favorable results by helping hundreds of people successfully reduce or avoid criminal charges. My clients’ positive testimonials tell their stories.

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