Restraining Orders

I Know Both Sides Of Salt Lake City Restraining Order Cases

In the state of Utah, a person who is in fear for his or her immediate safety – of the safety of his or her children – that person may request a restraining order. A temporary restraining order will be issued and a hearing will be set later on to determine whether that order should be extended. A restraining order is intended to keep safe former spouses, boyfriends/girlfriends, family members and children.

At the law firm of Catherine Cleveland, P.C., I represent clients who need to request a restraining order, as well as those individuals who suddenly find themselves being served with an order and accused of domestic violence or other violent offense. In either case, it is important to have a Salt Lake City restraining order lawyer present who can defend your interests, protect your rights and explain your options.

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What A Restraining Order Can Do

A restraining order will also notify law enforcement about the situation and has a number of requirements for the person against whom the order is issued. This can include:

  • The avoidance of all contact with the person and his or her children
  • Leaving a shared apartment or house if the other person feels threatened
  • Continued payments of child support and spousal support, where applicable
  • Possible denied or modified custody arrangements
  • Compliance with federal gun ownership laws

If a restraining order is violated in Utah, law enforcement can immediately arrest and detain the person who is violating the order. A violation is itself an offense that can result in fines, probation or incarceration. I can also provide criminal defense if you have been accused of violating a restraining order.

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