Attempted Murder

Attempted murder is a serious charge. In order for the government to find a person guilty of the crime, prosecutors have the burden of proof. Generally, they must prove to a jury that the accused intended to murder another, and that he or she took a substantial step towards committing the actual crime.

This can be an uphill battle for the prosecutor, especially because they must prove each element beyond a preponderance of a doubt. There must be no reasonable as to the accused’s mental state or the accused’s actions.

I am Salt Lake City attempted murder defense attorney Catherine Cleveland. I represent people who have been accused of non-death penalty violent crimes, including attempted murder. When I handle a case, I review the facts thoroughly and challenge the prosecution in every way possible. If there is any reasonable doubt anywhere, my client should go free.

If you are facing attempted murder charges, stay calm and contact my law office as soon as possible. I offer a free consultation to discuss how I can help you.

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I have been defending the accused in Utah State and Federal Courts for more than 15 years, so I am highly familiar with the Court rules, judges and prosecutors working in the Utah legal system. Knowing how judges have ruled in similar cases, it is often possible to predict how a judge will rule in your case. However, it is never possible to know for sure.

That is why I develop a complete criminal defense strategy that is designed to stop charges before they are ever filed, have charges dismissed, have charges dropped to a lesser included offense or have my clients found not guilty — whatever it takes to protect your freedom.

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