Investor And Mortage Fraud

With the recent downturn in the housing market and the economy, mortgage lenders throughout the United States have been under attack for predatory lending practices. The state of Utah has followed the national trend. Prosecutors in the state of Utah have stepped up the number and intensity of prosecutions for mortgage fraud.

If you have been charged with mortgage fraud, investor fraud or any other white collar theft crime, it is important to understand just how much the national climate has changed. Now, more than ever, anyone charged with a white collar crime needs a skilled Salt Lake City mortgage fraud attorney who is prepared to take the steps necessary to defend against these allegations.
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If you are facing serious criminal charges, you want an attorney who is known for their willingness to take a case to trial. Some criminal defense attorneys work hard to get the best possible plea agreement but shy from taking a case to trial. It does not take long for prosecutors to know who these attorneys are. Prosecutors are more likely to make a reasonable plea offer if you have an attorney who is known for their willingness to take a case to trial.

I have earned a reputation as a tough and aggressive Salt Lake City mortgage fraud defense attorney. I negotiate with the prosecution to determine if they are willing to make a reasonable plea offer, but I will not hesitate to take a case to trial if the prosecution is unreasonable and the trial is in a client’s best interest.

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