Credit Card Fraud

If you have been charged with credit card fraud, immediate, aggressive and seasoned experience is paramount. I am Salt Lake City credit card fraud attorney Catherine Cleveland. I established my law office to even the odds my clients face during highly stressful and life-changing times. As with any complex criminal case that comes to my firm, I attend to all details and fiercely protect my clients’ rights.

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Salt Lake City Credit Card Fraud Is Increasing

While credit card fraud is a common crime, the advent of the Internet increased instances of identity theft. Purchases no longer require face-to-face interaction. Law enforcement has responded to those technological advancements with aggressive pursuit of credit card fraud charges, including:

  • Theft and illegal use of a credit card
  • Fraudulent purchases on the Internet from an illegally obtained credit card
  • Manufacturing or selling fake credit cards
  • Forging credit card applications

Depending on the nature of the credit card fraud allegation, prosecutors could pursue identity theft or criminal conspiracy. Those serious legal matters could lead to high-level state and even federal charges.

From the moment I take your case, I dedicate my time and resources to building a strong defense. I get to the facts and attend to every detail. At the Cleveland Law Firm, my goal is to secure the best outcome on your behalf. If that results in courtroom litigation, I will not hesitate to take your credit card criminal case to trial. You need that level of advocacy when so much is at stake.

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