Mandatory Sex Offender Registration

Will You Be Put On The Sex Offender Registry?

Convicted sex offenders frequently become tangled up in the legal system and have a difficult time getting their freedom back, even after having served their time. They are trapped by a sex offender registry requirement that controls where they work, live and socialize.

Often, people facing registration requirements endure a pressing social stigma. They are not allowed to live in certain areas and, when they do move in, they are pointed out to their neighbors as “sexual predators.”

Salt Lake City Sex Offender Registration Defense

And failure to register after a sex crime conviction can mean incarceration. In Utah, the law requires convicted sex offenders to register twice a year instead of just once. If they fail to register, they can go to jail for 90 days.

At my Salt Lake City criminal defense law firm, my goal is to help you avoid the registration requirement. To do this, I negotiate with Utah prosecutors and leverage the weaknesses in their cases to your advantage. There are many possible weaknesses: witnesses recant, evidence is collected illegally and is sometimes lacking, and constitutional rights are violated. As an experienced lawyer, I can spot these weaknesses by conducting a thorough review of the facts and laws that affect your case.
Sometimes people move to Utah from other states and fail to recognize the law on sex offender registration still affects them. Even though they thought they were done with the requirement in their home states, they still have to register in Utah. If they don’t, they could face incarceration and fines.

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