Chat Room Solicitation

Not everyone in a computer chat room is who they say they are. In Utah, the police are notorious for setting up chat room setting. They pose as minors or as prostitutes, engaging unsuspecting users in Internet conversations about sexual acts.

If you have been tricked into a sexual conversation with an undercover police officer or FBI agent, it is critical to seek representation from an experienced and knowledgeable Salt Lake City Internet solicitation lawyer as soon as possible. You need to have your rights protected by an attorney who can help you to avoid potentially serious consequences.

I am Salt Lake City criminal defense lawyer Catherine Cleveland. I represent people who have been accused of Internet solicitation. When I take your Internet sex offense case, I conduct a thorough review of all the facts and laws that could affect you. I then use more than 15 years of experience to determine an effective legal strategy to help you achieve the best possible results — often dismissals, acquittals or not guilty verdicts.

While my past successes do not guarantee a victory in every case, I have been able to obtain dismissals for many accused sex offenders, even in cases involving serious charges such as child rape. You can rely on me for the guidance along with sound advice and strong legal representation. Contact my Salt Lake City criminal defense law firm to start building a defense to your solicitation charges today.

Salt Lake City Internet Solicitation Defense Strategy

In order to get favorable results for you, I negotiate with prosecutors by using the facts against them. For example, before they arrest you, prosecutors must show that the police had probable cause to believe you were committing a crime. Chatting with a consenting adult is not a crime. If transcripts of the chat show that you were doing more responding than soliciting, or if you had no reason to suspect that the other person was underage, you may have been wrongly arrested.

I discover the facts of your case because I am exceptionally thorough. I review every detail that could impact your case. I also explore every defense possible. Under Utah law, if you were tricked into committing an offense by an undercover police officer, you may be able to argue “entrapment,” meaning that you would never have committed the offense but for the officer’s actions.

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