Juvenile Sex Crimes

A great deal of research has been done regarding juvenile sex offenders and offenses, and there are many factors involved. Even though each case is different, one fact is almost universally true: sex offense cases are emotional. The parents of alleged victims are often sad, angry and frightened. And so are the parents of the accused child. Children too are often confused by what happened. They are overwhelmed, embarrassed and can have trouble coping.

At my Salt Lake City criminal defense law firm, the calls I receive from parents often start with these emotions. Often, another parent has caught two children experimenting and has pressed charges. I understand the worries that my clients have, but I help them push through their feelings to view the legal issues at hand.

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My goal is to resolve these cases favorably with a minimum impact on the accused. I do this by asking parents to be strong for their children and by negotiating with Utah prosecutors for a favorable resolution.

Parents often wonder what is at stake. The outcome of your child’s case depends on several factors, including the alleged behavior. Although most children and teens do not engage in aggressive or abusive sexual acts, they are often accused of:

  • Repeated obscene phone calls
  • Sexting (sexual text messages)
  • Exposure
  • Inappropriate touching
  • Touching of a minor
  • Attempts at intercourse
  • Sexual harassment

If a juvenile sex offense case is handled incorrectly, things can go from bad to worse. That’s why it is critical to work with an experienced Salt Lake City juvenile sex crimes attorney who knows the Utah juvenile justice system. An experienced lawyer will stand up for your child — never allowing him or her to plead guilty to something the child did not do.

Sadly, sex offense charges may be your child’s first experience with the justice system. To help make things easier, I work closely with you to answer your questions and give you constructive ways to cope with the situation.

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