Juvenile Delinquency

Kids do not always make the right choices. But they should not be punished forever. Just because a child is in trouble now does not mean that he or she should pay for it with their entire life. That is why it is critical for parents to take juvenile delinquency charges seriously. It is important to create an effective resolution that minimizes the consequences minors experience.

The best way to take charges seriously is to work with an experienced Salt Lake City juvenile delinquency attorney. I utilize my more than 15 years of experience to represent clients in matters of Utah juvenile law. When kids are in trouble related to juvenile delinquency, I can represent them in legal proceedings.

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My clients are often accused of truancy or other behaviors associated with juvenile delinquency. Many have been caught skipping school, smoking cigarettes, doing drugs or are out beyond curfew. Caught several times for different offenses, they begin to be recognized in the juvenile justice system. Their charges are added together and the potential consequences grow more and more serious.

Many Salt Lake City juveniles do not get things right the first time, but I believe in second chances. With my legal guidance, support and effective defense, I help teens protect their records and futures.

I know that many teenagers experiment with drugs or act out because they are having difficulties with family or in school. I am dedicated to protecting teens from a criminal record and the challenges that come with it. With my assistance, teens stay out of jail, minimize fines and begin working towards a positive future.

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