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Many drug charges are initiated by police officers working undercover. These officers involve themselves in the purchase or sale of drugs and after the deal is made, additional police has called in. Often, people accused of dealing do not even know that an undercover officer was involved in the set up until it is too late.

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Who I Represent

My clients are people facing serious drug charges, including possession with intent to distribute. Many of them were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Many more were people with drug habits or in other circumstances that led them to obtain large quantities of drugs. Because of the way the drugs were packaged — in small quantities instead of one large one — they were charged with possession with intent to distribute.

I also represent people who were allegedly involved in gang activity. When Salt Lake City police believe gangs may be involved, they have the matter handled by a special prosecutor. I am well equipped to handle the matter.

Salt Lake City White Collar Crimes

When a business action is alleged to be a white collar crime, I offer a strong and effective criminal defense that takes your needs into account. I represent people accused of a wide range of white collar crimes, including the ones listed below.

  • Embezzlement
  • Counterfeiting
  • Money laundering
  • Child pornography
  • Computer and Internet crimes
  • Fraud charges
  • Intent To Distribute Lawyer In Utah

    Utah drug crime laws are always changing. I keep up to date on the latest changes in Utah law by reading the most current information given to criminal defense attorneys through the state bar association. I am involved in the legal community and know the judges and the police officers. This knowledge helps me understand the outcomes others have experienced in similar situations. It helps me to develop effective criminal defense strategies that achieve the best possible results.

    Possession with intent to sell or deliver carries especially serious consequences. People facing these charges are often accused of the crime because of the way the drugs were packaged — regardless of whether or not they were actually intending to sell drugs.

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