Possesion Of Drug Paraphernalia

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What Is Considered Drug Paraphernalia?

Many people are surprised to discover what police consider to be drug paraphernalia. Under the Utah Drug Paraphernalia Act, the term doesn’t just refer to drug pipes or needles. Paraphernalia can be any equipment, product or material used or intended for a use related to drugs. Paraphernalia includes equipment used to grow marijuana, make methamphetamine, package cocaine, store drugs or conceal them.

Under this definition, there is a broad spectrum of things considered to be paraphernalia:

  • Kits used in planting and growing marijuana
  • Kits used for manufacturing controlled substances, like methamphetamine
  • Testing equipment used to test purity
  • Scales and balances
  • Chemicals used to cut controlled substances like cocaine
  • Capsules, balloons, envelopes and containers
  • Metal, wooden, acrylic, glass, stone, plastic or ceramic pipes
  • Water pipes/bongs
  • Roach clips
  • Rolling papers

The penalties for a drug conviction depend on several factors. They depend on the actual crimes charged and on the quantities of drugs involved. Possession of paraphernalia is often charged in conjunction with other crimes. If officers find even an empty baggy, a pipe, a few seeds or a stem when they make an arrest for another crime, they often add the charge to the list.

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