Drug Trafficking Can Be A Federal Crime

Utah judges take drug crimes seriously, especially felony drug charges like drug trafficking. If you are convicted, you could face a long prison sentence. Because so much is often at stake, I do everything we possibly can within the bounds of the law and ethics to protect your freedom.

I start with thorough investigations of the facts and laws that affect your case. I then use my knowledge of Utah criminal law to negotiate with prosecutors on your behalf. If a favorable agreement cannot be reached, I do not hesitate to take your case to trial.

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Elements Of Salt Lake City Drug Trafficking Cases

At my Salt Lake City law office, this strategy has led to a record of favorable results for my clients, including dismissals, reduced charges and acquittals.

Many of my clients’ cases begin with a traffic stop on roads like Interstate 15. Utah police have labeled I-15 as a gang and drug corridor to southern Utah, so they target the highway as a high-intensity drug trafficking area and use federal funds to make more arrests. If you have been arrested on I-15 or another Utah highway for a drug crime, talk with me as soon as possible about the charges you face.

Should You Take A Plea Or Go To Trial?
Plea bargains are key in criminal defense cases. In fact, most criminal cases end through the plea bargain process. Plea bargains are effectively contracts between you and the prosecutor. In exchange for your admission of guilt without going to trial, the prosecutor agrees to negotiate the outcome of your case with your Salt Lake City drug trafficking attorney.

If you agree with the negotiated settlement, your lawyer’s next step is getting the approval of the judge. If all parties — you, the judge, and the prosecutor — agree with the deal, it becomes an order of the court.

If you do not agree with the plea bargain, you may either plead guilty or have your lawyer take your case to trial. Your decision should be made after careful consideration with your Salt Lake City drug trafficking lawyer.

How do you know if you’re making the right decision? It can be a frightening experience — a choice that puts your freedom in jeopardy. The best way to know that you’re doing it right is to work with an experienced lawyer. At my Salt Lake City, Utah, law firm, I use years of experience and in-depth legal knowledge to arm my clients with the legal knowledge they’ll need to make the best possible decisions.

When I take your case, I work directly with you from beginning to end, helping you achieve the best possible results.

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My exclusive focus as a Salt Lake City criminal defense lawyer has helped me perfect successful legal strategies that are proven to be effective in Utah Courts. Throughout the years, I have achieved a history of favorable results by helping hundreds of people successfully reduce or avoid criminal charges. My clients’ positive testimonials tell their stories.

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