Drug Court: Deciding What’s Right For You

With an office in Salt Lake City, I represent people who have been accused of drug crimes in Utah State Courts. My clients often look for options that can reduce the penalties they face and increase their chances of success. In some situations, Drug Court may be the answer.

If you or a family member have been charged with your first drug offense or have been accused of committing a crime while under the influence of drugs, I can petition to have your case heard in Drug Court.

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This is how it works: the judge takes a plea “in abeyance” in state court, and the case is then transferred to Drug Court. Drug Court has a different set of rules and different programs from those in a state or federal courthouse. I am familiar with all of them.

Is Drug Court Right For You?

Drug Court addresses charges related to all different types of drugs:

  • Methamphetamine (meth)
  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Prescription drugs
  • Marijuana
  • Other illegal substances

There are many advantages to participating in Drug Court, but the main one is that — upon completion of the program — the guilty plea “in abeyance” is withdrawn and the charges are dismissed.

Drug Court isn’t for everyone. Drug Court is meant for people who have a drug problem and who are focused on overcoming addiction. It takes commitment. Throughout the duration of drug court, defendants attend required treatment sessions and court appearances as well as undergo random drug tests. Often, participants are involved for months or even years before their cases are dismissed.

If offenders do not complete their treatment, they face sentencing and imprisonment, so there is a lot at risk. As an experienced Salt Lake City drug court lawyer, I talk with my clients to find out what’s best for them. We confidentially discuss your family situation and your drug use. Together, we decide on the strategy that works for you.

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