Cocaine Crimes

Salt Lake City Cocaine Possession Lawyer: Almost nothing is more intimidating than facing the United States government in the courtroom. The government pours nearly unlimited resources into prosecuting people for crimes like cocaine possession, distribution, and trafficking.

A cocaine possession charge can bring severe consequences. It is not only a stigma that can damage your reputation, you could also face significant jail time. If you have been arrested, it is critical to work with an experienced lawyer. At my Salt Lake City law firm, I use more than 15 years of experience to work closely with clients throughout the Salt Lake City area and the surrounding areas.

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Types Of Salt Lake City Cocaine-Related Crimes

I represent people charged with many different cocaine-related crimes:

  • Possession
  • Possession of paraphernalia
  • Possession with intent to distribute
  • Distribution
  • Drug trafficking

No matter what charges you face, my goal is to help reduce the consequences you experience. I work to have drug charges dismissed or reduced. If that is not possible, I do not hesitate to take matters to trial to obtain a verdict of not guilty.

Charged With Cocaine Possession? Here’s How I Can Help.

In criminal defense matters, the majority happen behind the scenes. You need a Salt Lake City Cocaine Possession Lawyer who can take your case to trial, but also someone who can negotiate effectively with the prosecutor. Because I know the local prosecutors and am respected as an effective and ethical criminal defense attorney, my negotiations are often successful.

If I am unable to negotiate a favorable arrangement, I will never force you to accept a plea deal with which you are not comfortable. Instead, we may consider taking your case to trial.

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My exclusive focus as a Salt Lake City criminal defense lawyer has helped me perfect successful legal strategies that are proven to be effective in Utah Courts. Throughout the years, I have achieved a history of favorable results by helping hundreds of people successfully reduce or avoid criminal charges. My clients’ positive testimonials tell their stories.

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