Self-defense is defined as a countermeasure to defend the health and well-being of oneself from harm. But there can often be a fine line between self-defense and voluntary violence on another person. I am Salt Lake City criminal defense lawyer Catherine Cleveland At my law firm, the Cleveland Law Firm, many clients come to me accused of violent crimes. In some cases, self-defense was an issue in response to a perceived threat of injury. Even if police officers and prosecutors do not believe you, options exist in pursuing that type of defense. Over the last 15 years, I have successfully represented many clients who were forced to use self-defense to protect themselves.

If you have been charged with a violent crime due to the use of self-defense, it is important to seek immediate legal representation from a Salt Lake City criminal defense attorney that can protect your rights. The first step is to contact my law office online to schedule a free consultation.

Exploring Self-Defense In Salt Lake City

Self-defense is justifiable if you believe that danger and subsequent injury are imminent. Defending someone being attacked could also apply to Utah state law. If another party poses a threat of injury or death, you can use reasonable force to protect yourself or another victim of violence.

If law enforcement believes that you provoked an attack or initiated a violent act, you will be charged with a crime of serious or deadly violence.

As your Salt Lake City criminal defense lawyer, I face the challenges on your behalf when defending yourself or a loved one has led you to legal trouble. I get to the facts of the incident that resulted in an arrest. I review police reports and collect witness statements. From there, I fight for the best resolution in plea bargaining with prosecutors or criminal trial litigation before a judge.

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