Being placed on probation requires you to comply with strict rules. Regular contact with a probation officer is a common requirement. Missing an appointment, committing a crime or violating any other terms of the probation can have serious consequences.

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My name is Catherine Cleveland. As an experienced Salt Lake City probation violations lawyer, I have successfully represented countless clients by utilizing a wide range of knowledge and legal resources. Over the last 15 years, I have earned a reputation for the placing the needs of my clients first. My first priority is to protect the rights of each client. Many probation violations could have been prevented with the right advice and legal representation. I am committed to always look out for the best interest of each client to ensure they are placed in the best position to succeed.

Charged With A Probation Violation In Salt Lake City? I Can Help.

Probation is often an option to prison time. Being involved in criminal activity or consorting with criminals can result in incarceration. Fines set aside may be restored. Please know that you do not have to face this serious and complicated legal problem alone. You do not have to run from law enforcement to protect your freedom. You do not have to make a bad situation worse. The first step is to contact a Salt Lake City probation violation attorney dedicated to fighting for your rights.

Getting my office involved allows me to contact prosecutors and judges to work and negotiate lesser legal consequences for your probation violation.

In my practice of criminal defense, I treat each case individually. Because each client is different, so are their cases. I get to know my clients understand the challenges they face. Every resource at my disposal is dedicated to protecting their rights and pursuing the best outcome.

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