Accomplice Liability

Two young men were driving home one night when Salt Lake City police pulled over their car, claiming that it had a tail light out. After asking the driver a few questions, they made him step out of the vehicle and searched him. The search revealed a small bag of marijuana. The police then searched the vehicle and found a larger bag of marijuana in the glove box. They charged the driver and the passenger with possession of marijuana.

This is not an unusual situation. Many people find themselves in legal trouble because of actions taken by their friends, family or acquaintances. If you have been arrested as an accomplice to a crime, I can help defend you successfully against the charges you face.

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Salt Lake City Accomplice Liability

In more than 15 years as a Salt Lake City criminal defense lawyer, I have seen countless people who were charged with drug crimes after borrowing a friend’s car or riding in the passenger seat. Even though they had no knowledge that the drugs were in the car, they were still arrested.
At my Salt Lake City law firm, I represent people throughout Utah facing a wide range of criminal charges, including drug crimes, theft crimes, sex crimes and white collar crimes. When I take your case, I will explore all the facts and laws that apply to you. Often I find that the police have violated your rights or cannot make their case against you. I use their mistakes against them to protect your record, rights and freedom.
You may have already realized a harsh truth: that you do not have to be the one committing the crime to be in trouble. Utah law recognizes “accomplice liability,” which generally means it holds people accountable who encourage or assist someone else in the commission of a crime. In cases involving Utah accomplice liability law, the Defendant’s mental state is important. Cases sometimes turn on whether the Defendant knew of the crime and intended to help.

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